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The Project „Socially responsible – a new quality of services provided by the Foundation for Lubelskie Development”

The aim of the project was to implement the principles and build a culture of corporate social responsibility (CSR) among employees and the social environment of Foundation for Lubelskie Development

Project duration: 01.06.2014 – 28.02.2015


The following activities were completed during the Project:

  • Development and implementation of the Foundation’s CSR strategy
  • Development and implementation of an ECOcard, setting out the principles recommended by the Foundation in the field of corporate social responsibility, to be followed by the companies and organisations cooperating with the Foundation
  • Development and implementation of a set of rules on the rational utilisation/use of office materials and equipment
  • A study on the Foundation’s staff training needs in the field of CSR, resulting in the development of CSR training program for the Foundation
  • Organisation of internal mentoring, with 35 employees of the Foundation covered by the process
  • Building a culture of corporate social responsibility as part of the promotion and information campaign


Participants of the Project: employees and social environment of Foundation for Lubelskie Development.


Eliza Potocka

Phone 723 571 603

e-mail: e.potocka@fundacja.lublin.pl